Will “Torn by …

Will “Torn by Temptation” be the next historical romance sensation? Will Katherine F White be the name on everybody’s lips? Weeee-ll…maybe. But if you’re passionate about Regency romance and love an exciting story, have a look at my first chapter on the So you think you can write website and vote…and vote again. Thank you!
The Soyouthinkyoucanwrite competition is nearly over- check out http:/www.soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com/manuscripts/torn-by-temptation/(my own entry) or sample some of the 500 plus other aspiring authors. If you have trouble on return visits to the website, try Googling it afresh rather than following your backtrail. Good luck to everyone else who has entered this fantastic competition!
Torn by Temptation | So You Think You Can Write