Success for Elizabeth Keysian?

I am currently writing as Elizabeth Keysian and in this guise reached the quarter finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award with my first medieval romance, “My Lady’s Favour”. My prize was a review by Publisher’s Weekly, which reads as follows-

“Although betrothed to Gilbert de Waltham when Elena of Bucknell falls into the arms of Richard of St Aubyn, she loses her heart to him. Richard, rumored to be the unluckiest knight in Christendom, is also the handsome nephew of her guardian Baron Humphrey. The story of two suitors vying for one lady’s favor takes place amid a rich back drop of 14th-century England in the time of Edward III leading up to the Hundred Years War. Castle life, with its jealousy, jousts, French invasions, and a knight’s quest for nobility, along with dozens of historically interesting details, combine to recreate a time when religion was not always more powerful than folk magic and marriage for love was a new, untrustworthy ideal. The time period is brought to life, but the level of sensuality in this romance is mild.”

I’m quite pleased actually…it could have been a whole lot worse!

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